Listen and Repeat

I don’t remember much from my two years of high school Spanish, but I clearly recall the words and the voice that began every practice cassette: “Escucha y repite” (listen and repeat). I learned about classical music that way – listening to certain songs over and over until I could[Read more]

Breaking Ground

You see things; and you say, “Why?” But I dream things that never were and I say, “Why not?”  – George Bernard Shaw Behind every George Bernard Shaw there is someone with a tape measure and tools, who either explains “why not” or makes the “why not” possible. Last weekend,[Read more]

Boyfriend Bracelets

Remember the days of wrapping your boyfriend’s class ring in mohair to make it small enough to fit your finger? After I covered all my wire hangers in t-shirt yarn, I started looking for other metal that needed softening and decided to use a bangle bracelet as my next guinea[Read more]

Good Things Come

One of the best parts about being pregnant with each of our sons was watching my husband’s enthusiasm grow as we prepared for each of their arrivals. My husband has very few, if any, good memories from his own childhood, so he reveled in the opportunity to plan and prepare[Read more]