Breaking Ground

You see things; and you say, “Why?” But I dream things that never were and I say, “Why not?”  – George Bernard Shaw Behind every George Bernard Shaw there is someone with a tape measure and tools, who either explains “why not” or makes the “why not” possible. Last weekend,[Read more]

Put a Check in Every Box

It seems to be a universal truth: when a child gets to use something from home at school or something from school at home, that thing is instantly new and exciting. For example, think of what’s shared during show-and-tell. Ratty, old stuffed animal? Great aunt’s costume jewelry? The collar or tags of[Read more]

Stocking Up for Summer

Most of the time, I roll my eyes at the targeted ads that show up in my Facebook feed. Just because I searched for “underwear with elastic that lasts” does not mean I want to be inundated with ads for unmentionables every time I go online. But once in a while,[Read more]

Pet Toys

My quest for balance and my need for organization intersected this week, when I looked at my ever-growing stash of obtainium and realized I’ve got to use up more of this stuff . . . but only if I make things that leave my house. I created some calm amid the[Read more]