Save Those Tags

Have you ever noticed how well made and sturdy some price tags are? Actually, now that I think of it (and look through the pile of tags I’ve collected), all the tags I’m impressed with are from men’s clothing (which probably says something about the quality of clothing I buy[Read more]

Crayon Clean Up

Thanks for all the feedback about the ways I’m repurposing discarded crayons – especially the conversations that led me to an article about a large scale crayon repurposing project called The Crayon Initiative. It looks awesome! Of course, if crayons are no longer on your radar (or under your sofa), what about markers?[Read more]

Gleaning School Supplies

When I began teaching and talking about upcycling in our county’s schools, I heard tales of how many unused supplies get thrown out at the end of every school year. I knew my own children brought home notebooks that appeared untouched, plus, markers and glue sticks and other supplies that[Read more]

Teacher Appreciation

Remember the old Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup commercials, where the person with the chocolate runs into the person with the peanut butter – literally runs into, so that their ingredients are combined – and it’s a moment of pure serendipity? Earlier this year, as I was sorting my collection of[Read more]

Boyfriend Bracelets

Remember the days of wrapping your boyfriend’s class ring in mohair to make it small enough to fit your finger? After I covered all my wire hangers in t-shirt yarn, I started looking for other metal that needed softening and decided to use a bangle bracelet as my next guinea[Read more]

Cardboard City

Earlier this month, I spent a week at Goshen Elementary, in Prospect, Kentucky, helping third, fourth, and fifth grade art students create a cardboard city, inspired by the work of Annalise Rees. Rees is an Australian artist who looks at a cardboard box and sees, “…delightful banality and boringness, common to[Read more]