Good Things Come

One of the best parts about being pregnant with each of our sons was watching my husband’s enthusiasm grow as we prepared for each of their arrivals. My husband has very few, if any, good memories from his own childhood, so he reveled in the opportunity to plan and prepare[Read more]

Mapping Our Bathroom

Our oldest son has always loved maps. One of his gifts, thanks to his place on the autism spectrum, is the ability to recall directions to and from any place he’s ever been and any place he’s ever studied on a map. One summer, when he was 4, maybe 5, I[Read more]

This Weekend We . . .

It’s rare to hear someone say, “Boy, that weekend went by too slowly!” So, occasionally, it helps me to look back at my family did together, to remind me how much we crammed into our 2-day Sabbath. 1. We celebrated our oldest son’s 12th birthday. For all the potentially high[Read more]

Valentine, you melt my heart!

The countdown to Valentine’s Day has begun. Our oldest son has aged out of the all-class-valentine projects, but our youngest has a few years left to enjoy this tradition, so we agreed to use our next snow day to knock out 23 (meaningful, but fast and free) somethings he could exchange[Read more]