Boyfriend Bracelets

Remember the days of wrapping your boyfriend’s class ring in mohair to make it small enough to fit your finger? After I covered all my wire hangers in t-shirt yarn, I started looking for other metal that needed softening and decided to use a bangle bracelet as my next guinea[Read more]

Using up Scraps

You know how people say the best way to measure the generosity of a person is by seeing how kind they are to someone who has nothing to give them in return? I think the same test could be used to define the commitment level of a creative re-user. While[Read more]

A Thousand Words

With so much of my creative energy going toward crafts and preparation for the Maker Faire later this month, I’ve found myself at a loss for words. It’s disconcerting, having so much I want to share, but the stories just won’t come. It’s a little like the feeling I have[Read more]