Have Suitcase, Will Travel

Last night, I exchanged emails with a middle school art teacher who was searching for a supply of small cardboard jewelry boxes. Later this week, she’s teaching a lesson on Joseph Cornell and students will use these smaller boxes to create sections within a larger box, and then fill those[Read more]

Mrs. Bradley, You Inspire Me

I’m happy to report that the sketchbook project is going ridiculously well. The students continue to be enamored with the process of upcycling and have started bringing some of their own materials to share and use in class. How cool to know our conversations about creative reuse stay with them, beyond the end[Read more]

Beautiful Bins

Dusting our bookshelves yesterday, I found myself staring at a stack of books I’ve had more than 30 years. Every move – high school to college, apartment to apartment, rented houses to our first real home – I think these may be the only items that have made every trip. Yet, I[Read more]

A Bucket Is a Bucket

A friend of mine gifted me with 15 unused KFC buckets (you know, the kind you see in commercials, brimming with fried chicken). They were left over from some work event, probably used to collect tickets or donations. She had no use for them, but figured I would (and she[Read more]