Tuff Shed Is Coming!

Today is the day! After countless blog posts, bemoaning my lack of space, the support of friends near and far, and a ton of serendipity, today I am getting my barn. Note I didn’t say a barn. I said my barn. The barn I envisioned. The barn that I shared as my “dream[Read more]

Breaking Ground

You see things; and you say, “Why?” But I dream things that never were and I say, “Why not?”  – George Bernard Shaw Behind every George Bernard Shaw there is someone with a tape measure and tools, who either explains “why not” or makes the “why not” possible. Last weekend,[Read more]

Sketchbook Project

My first Artist-in-Residence project for the new school year is teaching fourth and fifth graders at Camden Elementary to make their own sketchbooks. In previous years, students have used a composition notebook for this purpose, but the art teacher and I loved the idea of this lesson within a lesson (and it’s[Read more]

Put It Out There

When is the last time you shared a want or a need or a hope or a dream? This afternoon, I found myself staring at a bin full of empty Altoids tins, thinking how amazingly easy it was to acquire these. I saw a craft I wanted to try that requires[Read more]