Have Suitcase, Will Travel

Last night, I exchanged emails with a middle school art teacher who was searching for a supply of small cardboard jewelry boxes. Later this week, she’s teaching a lesson on Joseph Cornell and students will use these smaller boxes to create sections within a larger box, and then fill those[Read more]

Sketchbook Project

My first Artist-in-Residence project for the new school year is teaching fourth and fifth graders at Camden Elementary to make their own sketchbooks. In previous years, students have used a composition notebook for this purpose, but the art teacher and I loved the idea of this lesson within a lesson (and it’s[Read more]

Teacher Appreciation

Remember the old Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup commercials, where the person with the chocolate runs into the person with the peanut butter – literally runs into, so that their ingredients are combined – and it’s a moment of pure serendipity? Earlier this year, as I was sorting my collection of[Read more]


I’m not always productive (yes, even I spend my day rearranging deck chairs, from time to time). But yesterday was one of those days when one project required I complete another project, and then those two projects required the reallocation of space, and that snowballed into our reorganizing three out[Read more]