Happy Birthday, Darling Husband

In a month where my Facebook feed is filled with friends and family sharing what they’re thankful for, I get to celebrate one of my greatest blessings: the birth of my husband (on November 21). Much the way our youngest son’s birthday (on Epiphany) gets wrapped up in the tail[Read more]

Can’t See the Trees for the Forest

When I worked as a professional organizer, my focus was on helping clients look at the big picture. When you’re deciding what to keep and what to toss, it’s easy to get sidetracked by certain items or an entire room and not look at your life/space as a whole – you[Read more]

Sketchbook Project

My first Artist-in-Residence project for the new school year is teaching fourth and fifth graders at Camden Elementary to make their own sketchbooks. In previous years, students have used a composition notebook for this purpose, but the art teacher and I loved the idea of this lesson within a lesson (and it’s[Read more]

Teacher Appreciation

Remember the old Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup commercials, where the person with the chocolate runs into the person with the peanut butter – literally runs into, so that their ingredients are combined – and it’s a moment of pure serendipity? Earlier this year, as I was sorting my collection of[Read more]

Too Pretty to Throw Away

The phrase heard most often, when it comes to Christmas cards, is, “This is just too pretty to throw away!” What follows is either 1) hoarding boxes and boxes of old Christmas cards, in your attic or under your bed, with no intent to do anything other than not throw them away;[Read more]