Happy Birthday, Darling Husband

In a month where my Facebook feed is filled with friends and family sharing what they’re thankful for, I get to celebrate one of my greatest blessings: the birth of my husband (on November 21). Much the way our youngest son’s birthday (on Epiphany) gets wrapped up in the tail[Read more]

Treasures and Inspiration

Last week, instead of teaching something specific, I let my upcycling students “shop” from what I’ve collected in the Creative Reuse Center and come up with their own projects. The creativity and chaos that followed drew some attention from students passing by our room on their way to other classes.[Read more]

A Month of Makery

Teaching a weekly class on The Art of Upcycling is really 20% instruction and 80% planning, practicing, and making samples of what I’ll teach others to make. You know I love living in that briar patch, spending time every week practicing what I’ll preach, er, I mean teach. Pinterest is,[Read more]

I’m a Chain!

Remember that scene in┬áSteel Magnolias, when Truvy’s husband surprises her with a new beauty salon – Truvy’s West – and she exclaims: “I’m a chain!” Last year, the Oldham County Schools Arts Center gave me space to store my overflow of rescued materials (beyond what’s in my barn and the[Read more]