How Is Creative Reuse Like Algebra?

How many times have you heard (or said), “Why do I have to learn algebra? It’s not like I’ll ever use it in real life!” As a parent, I’ve had to get quite creative – justifying algebra and several of its equally frustrating peers – to help my kids understand[Read more]

Be the Innkeeper

I hope you’re sitting down – or at least holding onto something sturdy – because I’m about to consciously let my worlds collide. This Sunday, I’m preaching at a small Presbyterian church in southern Indiana, filling the pulpit while their pastor is on vacation. I don’t accept many opportunities to preach[Read more]

Treasures and Inspiration

Last week, instead of teaching something specific, I let my upcycling students “shop” from what I’ve collected in the Creative Reuse Center and come up with their own projects. The creativity and chaos that followed drew some attention from students passing by our room on their way to other classes.[Read more]