When Can We Do This Again?

It’s taken me almost two weeks to process and unpack all that I got to do and see and be during the three-day Making Something of It event in Mt. Vernon, Illinois. It was worth every moment of planning, prepping and packing – and, oh, you should have seen what I[Read more]

Too Pretty to Throw Away

The phrase heard most often, when it comes to Christmas cards, is, “This is just too pretty to throw away!” What follows is either 1) hoarding boxes and boxes of old Christmas cards, in your attic or under your bed, with no intent to do anything other than not throw them away;[Read more]

When Worlds Collide

Tomorrow is the start of Lent – Ash Wednesday through Easter Sunday – the season when Christians spend more time than usual in prayer and self-reflection, in an effort to shift the focus away from themselves and onto Christ. Much of what I understand about Lent dovetails with what I[Read more]