Earn It

I swear I was born in the wrong era. I’ve always resonated more with the descriptions of Depression Era folks and Baby Boomers than I have with GenX. I don’t romanticize the struggles of families that lived in those generations, but I do find myself longing for some of the[Read more]

Beautiful Bins

Dusting our bookshelves yesterday, I found myself staring at a stack of books I’ve had more than 30 years. Every move – high school to college, apartment to apartment, rented houses to our first real home – I think these may be the only items that have made¬†every¬†trip. Yet, I[Read more]

Prescription for Possibilities

My husband and I each have a couple of prescriptions filled every month. That means, at a minimum (not including the occasional need for an antibiotic or other prescription) we’re disposing of 48 prescription bottles a year. Yikes! I wish I could bring in my bottle, the same way I[Read more]

Keeping Things Together

In a perfect world, everything would hold its shape – stacks of things would remain stacked, cords and cables would remain wound, bedding would remain folded. Alas, the simple act of living undoes these shapes, which, in turn, often leaves me undone. So, I make order where I can and[Read more]