Make Your Own Postcard

Did you know you can slap postage on a coconut and mail it?! No box needed, just an address (and the understanding that your mail carrier will never look at you the same way again). A while back, I read a blog post on about making your own postcards out[Read more]

Earn It

I swear I was born in the wrong era. I’ve always resonated more with the descriptions of Depression Era folks and Baby Boomers than I have with GenX. I don’t romanticize the struggles of families that lived in those generations, but I do find myself longing for some of the[Read more]

Making Do While Making Less

A friend’s spouse just lost his job and she posted on Facebook, asking for help/leads/ideas on finding a job, since they’re now living on less than half of what they used to live on. I have no job leads (I’m still searching myself), but I do have a year’s worth of[Read more]