47 Hankies

A friend of mine began her retirement this week. For months, she’s been sorting and donating and thinning her stash of worldly possessions, determined to lighten her load before this next phase of life. She mailed me a lovingly curated box of her odds and ends, with the note, “Hope[Read more]

Mapping Our Bathroom

Our oldest son has always loved maps. One of his gifts, thanks to his place on the autism spectrum, is the ability to recall directions to and from any place he’s ever beenĀ and any place he’s ever studied on a map. One summer, when he was 4, maybe 5, I[Read more]

When Worlds Collide

Tomorrow is the start of Lent – Ash Wednesday through Easter Sunday – the season when Christians spend more time than usual in prayer and self-reflection, in an effort to shift the focus away from themselves and onto Christ. Much of what I understand about Lent dovetails with what I[Read more]