Counter Space

The re-user and the organizer that coexist within me live in almost constant tension. The organizer knows there are surfaces in my home that will never be clear for more than a few hours at a time. For example: our kitchen table, that’s perpetually cluttered with dishes, daily mail, partially finished[Read more]

Using up Scraps

You know how people say the best way to measure the generosity of a person is by seeing how kind they are to someone who has nothing to give them in return? I think the same test could be used to define the commitment level of a creative re-user. While[Read more]

Clutter or Creation?

This is the image that greets me when I open my laptop. It’s a picture of Mansker’s Fort at Historic Mansker’s Station, in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. This structure is a replica of the original, built in 1783 by my great, great, great, great, great uncle and aunt, Kasper and Elizabeth Mansker.[Read more]