There. I said it. I’ve put off writing a new post for days now because all I have to say (and all I want to say) is bleh.

Bleh. Bleh. Bleh. Bleh. Bleh.

Even I, the self-proclaimed queen of making-something-out-of-anything, can’t figure out what to make out of this feeling. I don’t want to do anything. Then I feel badly for not doing anything, but feeling badly just makes the bleh even bigger.

Yesterday, I forced myself to re-cover some ugly boxes, thinking that might help me snap out of this vicious cycle. The results were pleasant enough, but then I started thinking about the project itself. I was just mod-podging patterned paper onto old cardboard. I wasn’t making anything new or original and I wasn’t putting the time or resources into making something that will last. It’s the perfect metaphor for how I’m feeling: I just want to cover everything with something pretty and save the real work for later.

It’s like the article I read, warning against embracing all the products and projects for organizing your life. Apparently organizing your clutter just makes room for you to acquire more clutter, and you avoid dealing with the clutter itself.


Fine – no quick fixes and no hiding what’s piled up. What’s left?



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