Make the Most of Your Space

20140904_230958I am fascinated by the tiny house movement. I love seeing the clever ways tiny house dwellers make the most of their space, particularly the multipurpose creations – like a bench that morphs into a table or a bed that can be “put away” using pulleys. I’m still quite proud of the mud room I carved out of a corner in our kitchen. And now I have a new space to show you: our foyer.

Like most folks, there’s a table just inside our front door, where our keys and mail get dumped upon arrival. That table also housed my purse, bags of things I planned to return, the tote with our library books in it, and more. Oh, and did I mention that table doubles as my craft table? So, the more it held, the less likely I was to use it or the more likely I was to lose things amid the craftermath (what’s left when a crafter completes her project, but has yet to put everything away).

For a long time, I bemoaned the lack of a foyer or entry way. I dreamed of a cute little phone table and maybe a coat rack or wall hooks, but never did anything because the space was just too small. I told myself it would be too crowded and look too junky.

Then I realized I was already using the space this way. I was just using the table as my coat rack (talk about looking junky!). So, last month, my husband created our foyer. He attached drawer pulls to a piece of wood he’d painted, and hung it right behind the front door (when it’s open). Now my purse hangs there, along with our reusable bags (when they’re in transition from our home back to the car), and really anything else that travels with me when I enter or exit the house.

There’s a special kind of insanity that causes me to delay dealing with something until I can “do it right” – as if I was ever going to have the additional space to add the entry table and the coat tree or wall rack I envisioned. Now, just having a place for my purse, other than my craft table, feels like the solution I was seeking all along.

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