Happy Birthday, Darling Husband

In a month where my Facebook feed is filled with friends and family sharing what they're thankful for, I get to celebrate one of my greatest blessings: the birth of my husband (on November 21). Much the way our youngest son's birthday (on Epiphany) gets wrapped up in the tail end of Christmas celebrations, my husband's special day always falls near Thanksgiving. So our little family of four ...continue reading

When Can We Do This Again?

It's taken me almost two weeks to process and unpack all that I got to do and see and be during the three-day Making Something of It event in Mt. Vernon, Illinois. It was worth every moment of planning, prepping and packing - and, oh, you should have seen what I packed! I bet I crammed a month's worth of materials into my trunk and backseat. (It's a good thing I left all the Bradley men at ...continue reading

This Month in Pictures

October is flying faster than a witch's broom! Typically, a lack of posts means a lack of anything to post about, but this month I've been pretty darn productive. I've even delayed sharing some casual pics on Facebook, because I was saving them for a blog post. But, the blog posts aren't happening and the pictures are piling up, so let's make the best of it and try a post of mostly pics. I ...continue reading

More Maker Mondays

I know not everyone who visits this site is within driving distance of Oldham County, Kentucky (if only), but I also know that if you take the time to read my ramblings about reuse, then you'd likely enjoy knowing more about what I'm teaching at the Arts Center right now. Last week, we resumed Maker Mondays (after a brief hiatus at the end of summer / beginning of school). It's a weekly "open ...continue reading

Companion to a Blank Page

There's little that intimidates me more than a blank page. Whether I'm writing, drawing, or just trying to make a list of meals for the coming week, the hardest part is always the beginning. Fortunately, I'm not alone, and we live in an era with life hacks for just about every stumbling block. Can't think of what to make for dinner? There are apps and websites that let you plug in the ...continue reading

Taking This Show on the Road

I am beyond pleased to announce that I'm taking this show on the road - all the way to Mt. Vernon, Illinois - for a weekend of creative reuse! The pastor at First Presbyterian Church, Rachel Helgeson, garnered a grant that will allow me to spend three days with my friends in southern Illinois. The biggest event that has something for everyone is on Saturday, October 22. Consider this your ...continue reading