We’re Glad You’re Our Neighbor

Our house sits at a T in the road and we are at the top of that T, so a lot of our neighbors have an opportunity to see our front yard, anytime they drive in or out of our neighborhood. For a while, that meant I worried about our curb appeal. I wanted to make a good impression or at least not be the eyesore everyone talked about. I've mellowed (significantly) since those early days. Now, ...continue reading

Sock Bunny

Over the years, I've cultivated a pretty awesome network of crafty friends, who send me all kinds of links and photos for projects they think I'll like (and they have yet to be wrong). In addition to broadening my idea pool, these kindred spirits often intuit what resources I have too much of and send the perfect suggestion for making short order of my overstock. Case in point: I have a bucket ...continue reading

Greetings from the Resistance!

Just a note to let you know I'm still here! Instead of writing blog posts, I've spent the last month writing postcards to public officials, protest slogans on signs and Facebook posts for the newly-formed Indivisible Oldham County, where we work together to "hold members of Congress accountable to the promises they make and the principles of democracy - advocating for healthcare, education, ...continue reading

Grow Your Own Lettuce

Considering how long I've been reading about and writing about DIY projects, it's not surprising that the marketing algorithm of every website I visit has a slew of how-to links ready and waiting in their sidebar. Add to that my lifelong commitment to being a Possibilitarian, and I end up trying my own version of at least one of those how-to ideas every week. Last week, a "grow your own ...continue reading

Make Your Own Postcard

Did you know you can slap postage on a coconut and mail it?! No box needed, just an address (and the understanding that your mail carrier will never look at you the same way again). A while back, I read a blog post on Recyclebank.com about making your own postcards out of photographs. I made a mental note to start using up all the duplicate photos I hang onto (because I can't bear to throw them ...continue reading

Counter Space

The re-user and the organizer that coexist within me live in almost constant tension. The organizer knows there are surfaces in my home that will never be clear for more than a few hours at a time. For example: our kitchen table, that's perpetually cluttered with dishes, daily mail, partially finished homework and objects on their way to the barn or the Creative Reuse Center (but haven't made it ...continue reading