Make Your Own Postcard

Did you know you can slap postage on a coconut and mail it?! No box needed, just an address (and the understanding that your mail carrier will never look at you the same way again). A while back, I read a blog post on about making your own postcards out of photographs. I made a mental note to start using up all the duplicate photos I hang onto (because I can't bear to throw them ...continue reading

Counter Space

The re-user and the organizer that coexist within me live in almost constant tension. The organizer knows there are surfaces in my home that will never be clear for more than a few hours at a time. For example: our kitchen table, that's perpetually cluttered with dishes, daily mail, partially finished homework and objects on their way to the barn or the Creative Reuse Center (but haven't made it ...continue reading

How Is Creative Reuse Like Algebra?

How many times have you heard (or said), "Why do I have to learn algebra? It's not like I'll ever use it in real life!" As a parent, I've had to get quite creative - justifying algebra and several of its equally frustrating peers - to help my kids understand that important lessons come from big concepts that won't necessarily be appreciated when they're taught (and maybe not even recognized ...continue reading

Let’s Be Neighbors

Last week was our first official snow day (meaning Oldham County canceled school). The weather reminded me of the drama we experienced, almost a year ago, when I left our back gate open and our Husky went on his first walkabout. Long story short: I posted his pic and last known location on Facebook, and a friend of a friend of a friend (I'm not exaggerating) texted us the next morning with the ...continue reading

Living Outside the Box

For as long as I can remember, I've always had a box (or drawer) where I stashed special things - mementos, awards, cherished letters, souvenirs. I remember my mother storing some of her treasured objects in her piano bench; programs from plays we were in or ticket stubs from a special event. I'm still committed to finding some use for these things, like the Eeyore pendant I converted to a ...continue reading

Be Inspired

Putting up a Christmas tree in a tiny house requires some creativity. For us, it involves moving the chair I typically sit in out of the living room, so the tree can inhabit that space. In order to do that, we have to find space in another room to store my chair. This year, the chair displaced a chest of drawers in another room, and that chest took up residence in our kitchen, where we had a ...continue reading