And the Winner Is . . .

Congratulations to L. Phelan of Lathrup Village, Michigan, January’s winner of the new monthly giveaway from Making Something of It!┬áHer prize is a pair of earrings (her choice) from my Maker’s Market. (I’m waiting to hear which pair she’s chosen, then I’m hopeful we can convince her to share a[Read more]

If the Boot Fits

Oh, January, why must your days of deeply fulfilling bouts of organization and long-awaited fresh starts be marred by the arrival of December bills? I should have known better than to comment on how well we’re doing on our piecemeal income. The muse of all makers (necessity) gets nervous if[Read more]

Minecraft Party

Our younger son was born on Epiphany (January 6) and while having a birthday so close to Christmas has its drawbacks, he definitely benefits from the extra dose of mommy guilt it inspires. Last year, we splurged and took him and several of his friends to the Louisville Science Center[Read more]