Companion to a Blank Page

There’s little that intimidates me more than a blank page. Whether I’m writing, drawing, or just trying to make a list of meals for the coming week, the hardest part is always the beginning. Fortunately, I’m not alone, and we live in an era with life hacks for just about[Read more]

Newfangled Slide Show

Do you recall when you first learned that women pictured in magazines really aren’t flawless? When someone pulled back the curtain and showed you the air-brushing, special lighting, tailored clothing and spray glue that held everything in place? The more I try to recreate projects I find on Pinterest, the[Read more]


I have a new favorite word: POSSIBILITARIAN. I encountered it for the first time yesterday, while walking through a gift shop. It was on a few different pieces – a planter, a pocket organizer, inspirational signs (all the things Possibilitarians would be tempted to buy) – and, seeing myself in[Read more]