Be Prepared

I’ve been differently employed for more than two years now (meaning I work, but not at one place, not 9 to 5, and not always 40 hours per week). By far, my favorite perk of this nontraditional work schedule is the time I get to spend with our kids. My[Read more]

Yesterday, I . . .

This weekend our family embarks on a road trip that will have us seeing and staying with every member of my family of origin – my parents (in southern Illinois), my younger sister (in St. Louis) and my older sister (in Kansas) – and then doing it all in reverse.[Read more]

Making Do While Making Less

A friend’s spouse just lost his job and she posted on Facebook, asking for help/leads/ideas on finding a job, since they’re now living on less than half of what they used to live on.¬†I have no job leads (I’m still searching myself), but I do have a year’s worth of[Read more]