Make Your Own Postcard

Did you know you can slap postage on a coconut and mail it?! No box needed, just an address (and the understanding that your mail carrier will never look at you the same way again). A while back, I read a blog post on about making your own postcards out[Read more]

Living Outside the Box

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a box (or drawer) where I stashed special things – mementos, awards, cherished letters, souvenirs. I remember my mother storing some of her treasured objects in her piano bench; programs from plays we were in or ticket stubs from a[Read more]

The Christmas Letter

Ah, the annual Christmas letter – beloved by some, mocked by many, and increasingly rare, thanks to the availability of easier, stamp-free mediums for sharing news, like Facebook, texts and Instagram. I started sending a letter with my Christmas cards the first year I lived more than a car ride away from loved[Read more]