From the time I was big/strong enough to move my bedroom furniture, I’ve enjoyed rearranging things. My mother would always tell me I was nesting – a tweak here, a change there – nothing done because it had to be, it was just what I enjoyed doing. I enjoy nesting even[Read more]

Cloth Calendars

Raise your hand if you grew up with a cloth calendar hanging in your kitchen. They were usually made out of linen or cotton (like flour sack towels) and intended to be taken down and used as a kitchen towel when the year was over. However a lot of people stashed[Read more]

Happy Mother’s Day

I have many fond memories of visiting my maternal grandmother and working on our family history. She took me all over her tiny town (population 8,480) to scroll through micro fiche and decipher faded handwriting in old books and documents at the library. She’d arrange for my great Aunt Ruby[Read more]