Upcycled Art Journals

Although the in-school parts of my Artist in Residence gig are on pause over the summer, I’m still trying out new projects, perfecting others and playing around with the stash of supplies I collected last spring. Discarded books remain my favorite medium. Last week, Crafting a Green World – a site[Read more]

Cardboard City

Earlier this month, I spent a week at Goshen Elementary, in Prospect, Kentucky, helping third, fourth, and fifth grade art students create a cardboard city, inspired by the work of Annalise Rees. Rees is an Australian artist who looks at a cardboard box and sees, “…delightful banality and boringness, common to[Read more]

Joseph Cornell Box

I’m happy to report that my experience as Artist in Residence for the Oldham County Schools Arts Center has exceeded all of my expectations. The projects are diverse – building a cardboard city at one school, creating self-portraits out of found objects at another. The crowd-sourcing of materials is challenging, but everything[Read more]

A Bucket Is a Bucket

A friend of mine gifted me with 15 unused KFC buckets (you know, the kind you see in commercials, brimming with fried chicken). They were left over from some work event, probably used to collect tickets or donations. She had no use for them, but figured I would (and she[Read more]

My Mobile Office

I’m happy to report, the universe continues to affirm my role as an upcycler, communicating primarily through cardboard. Every time I’ve crowd sourced an item (or 50) needed for the Artist in Residence program, friends and friends-of-friends and strangers-turned-friends have come through with more than enough of what I needed.[Read more]