When Can We Do This Again?

It’s taken me almost two weeks to process and unpack all that I got to do and see and be during the three-day Making Something of It event in Mt. Vernon, Illinois. It was worth every moment of planning, prepping and packing – and, oh, you should have seen what I[Read more]

More Maker Mondays

I know not everyone who visits this site is within driving distance of Oldham County, Kentucky (if only), but I also know that if you take the time to read my ramblings about reuse, then you’d likely enjoy knowing more about what I’m teaching at the Arts Center right now.[Read more]

Companion to a Blank Page

There’s little that intimidates me more than a blank page. Whether I’m writing, drawing, or just trying to make a list of meals for the coming week, the hardest part is always the beginning. Fortunately, I’m not alone, and we live in an era with life hacks for just about[Read more]