Who do you follow?

Have I mentioned I’m picky?

When I start reading a good book, I find it hard to put down. But I find it even harder to find a book I like. So, lately I’ve been reading blogs at bedtime – which, as it turns out, are meeting more than just my need for reading material.

Posts (from the bloggers I follow) read more like conversations with a friend. That’s definitely at the top of my gauge for good writing –  the ability to be conversational, even when there’s only one of us talking. I know it makes some people shake their heads, but at this point in my life I rely heavily on social media to get my friend-fix. I could write an entire post on why that is, but the short answer is: lack of time + introversion + working mom guilt.

Oh, and then there’s the fact that social media allows me to interact with whatever kind of kindred spirit I need at that moment.

Do I need to hear from another woman wrestling with depression? Am I looking for affirmation from another parent of a child on the Autism spectrum? Do I need some inspiration for the multi-layered challenge of raising grateful children, saving the earth, and doing it all on an income that doesn’t quite support a family of four?

Needless to say, I follow the blogs of  people I resonate with, whose posts make me nod in agreement, smile knowingly, and, on occasion, look at myself with the same kindness I have when I read their version of what I, too, am going through.

If you’re looking for a good blog to read or are now curious enough about my many personalities that you can’t resist peeking at my kindred spirits, here are my favorites:

Jenny Lawson at thebloggess.com

Victoria Weinstein at beautytipsforministers.com

Heather Armstrong at dooce.com

Wil Wheaton at wilwheaton.net

Katy Wolk-Stanley at thenonconsumeradvocate.com



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