Today I Am . . .

to-do-listToday I am:

  • using a cotton handkerchief instead of Kleenex, which feels very fancy the first time (not so much after that)
  • making a meal out of what’s in our pantry and fridge, rather than buy more appealing items at the grocery on my way home from work
  • choosing to see I still have half my life ahead of me, instead of dwelling on the reality that half my life is behind me

How about you? How are you “making something of” today?

Disclaimer: Let’s all acknowledge that there’s nothing new under the sun. One of my favorite bloggers uses “Today I am” as a fairly regular post/theme and I find getting a glimpse of her day often inspires me to think more about how I’m spending my waking hours. I’m hopeful you find this motivates you, too!

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