Real Conversations

I just had the most wonderful conversation with a man who is on the cusp of making a huge shift in his career path. I was envious, but also inspired by, the enthusiasm and relief and freedom that accompanied his decision. Like most people, he’d wrestled far too long with what others wanted and needed and thought, causing him to trudge toward the career he “ought” to seek. Today he was lit from the inside out, making it obvious to anyone around him that he’s on his way to being where he’s supposed to be.

I covet conversations like this one – real life conversations about things that matter. I love being a mirror for folks who are thinking out loud and need their enthusiasm reflected back at them, to confirm that their decision is as right as it feels. I’m especially fond of conversations that aren’t bound by any external factors – such as the pressure to represent an institution’s interests, or the need to mince words or use coded language because I’m not at liberty to be myself.

Moments like this are holy for me, plain and simple, and my prayer is always that my conversation partner feels that way, too.


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