My Mobile Office

2015-01-18 16.26.34I’m happy to report, the universe continues to affirm my role as an upcycler, communicating primarily through cardboard.

Every time I’ve crowd sourced an item (or 50) needed for the Artist in Residence program, friends and friends-of-friends and strangers-turned-friends have come through with more than enough of what I needed.

Last week, I crossed paths with a kindred spirit, who runs the after school program at one of the elementary schools I visited. Thanks to similar random relationships (plus the good sense and great space to store what she’s given), she has the most beautiful assortment of items for crafting and upcycling. She barely completed her offer to share some of her bounty before I blurted out, “Yes, please!”

The next day, she and I filled my car with as much as it would hold. Ten days later, I’m still driving around with my swag. I did take an afternoon to organize and group things, based on which school needed what. But because I rely so heavily on seeing what I have when I’m planning a project, I’ve been dragging my feet about taking it to the Arts Center to store it.

The upside, however, is I was inspired to look at my car like a mobile office and stock it the way I would if it were my desk. I always have an emergency kit in the car (bandaids, aspirin, tissues, etc.), but now it’s prepped for more day-to-day needs (less emergency and more comfort).

mobile office

Wish I could squeeze all that cardboard into a box this size.

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