Mrs. Bradley, You Inspire Me

20150901_095453(0)I’m happy to report that the sketchbook project is going ridiculously well. The students continue to be enamored with the process of upcycling and have started bringing some of their own materials to share and use in class. How cool to know our conversations about creative reuse stay with them, beyond the end of class, so when they get home they’re still asking, “What could I make of that?”

The teacher I’m partnering with right now is just plain wonderful. She’s the perfect combination of organized (when prepping and planning with me) and laid back (when we’re surrounded by tiny humans and up to our elbows in Mod Podge). We’ve reached that sweet spot, where her classroom feels like home to me and I no longer have to ask where things are or plan out which part of the class she’ll instruct and which part I will, because we’re comfortable dovetailing our instruction. I’m already aware of how much I’ll miss her and her students when our project wraps up next week.

20150901_095536Last week, near the end of class, one of the 4th graders raised his hand and said, “Mrs. Bradley, you inspire me.”

Wow. I had no words. I still have no words, but I do have something I can share to show you how these students inspire me. Lori McDowell, the communications assistant for Oldham County Schools, made this video, highlighting the sketchbook project. You can’t script this stuff. You can only be grateful someone was there to capture it on film.


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