Look What I Made!

My favorite craftsy website is great about sharing links to free templates and printable art, all of which are adorable! I always drool over those creations and diligently download and file them to use someday. Well, today I was inspired to create my own (look left).

Turns out, it’s not rocket science – but it does feel like one small step for me and one giant step for armchair crafters everywhere! (and if I did it correctly, you should be able to click on the image and download your own pdf of it)

So, down came the Halloween paraphernalia and up went a few fall-themed items – enough to tide us over until we bust out the stockings after Thanksgiving.


Here it is on our mantle (the adult equivalent of hanging it on the refrigerator). Next to it is my beloved Hallmark metal tree (I’ve had it forever), peppered with a few buttons shaped like fall leaves.

P.S.  I think I might challenge myself to make that tree part of all my mantle displays – changing the leaves and such to suit the season.


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