Look Ma, No Hands!

picWhat do you call a Maker who loses the use of her hands?


I managed to sprain or strain the forearm/elbow/wrist of my dominant arm and am finding even simple tasks can be painful, so I’ve immobilized my wrist and am trying my best not to use my arm. Logically, I know this is temporary – I slept funny, I need to see my chiropractor, time to try yoga again, blah, blah, blah – but I’m looking at spending the next few days with nothing to do. No handwork. No crafting. No organizing. No puttering about.

What do non-Makers do with their evenings?! Sitting and watching television (I mean just watching – not watching and working) makes me twitchy. I can read for a while, but the magazines I read give me ideas for new projects (torture!), and fiction makes me sleepy after a chapter or two.

On one hand, I know I should look on this forced sabbatical as a time for reflection and renewal.  On the other hand is my left hand, my just-for-decoration appendage, that does nothing but hold things for my right hand to do! So, I’ve decided instead to embrace my humanity and complain.

Hug your dominant hand today, my friends, and make something while you still can. Cherish those age spots (at least they’re not hidden under a wrist brace) be glad you have the strength to file those scraggly nails and, for God’s sake, don’t sleep funny!

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