It’s the Little Things

coupon binder dividersOne of my early posts on this site was about creating attractive dividers for my coupon binder. Although I’ll always be a hands-on crafter – preferring real projects to virtual ones – I am growing ever more fond of the ease with which I can pick up and put down projects on my computer – no large work space needed; no craftermath to clean up afterward.

My biggest incentive for creating these new dividers is simply the joy I take in dressing up what’s around me. The storage area above my washer/dryer is rarely seen by anyone, other than my boys and me, but it’s still organized and labeled and a pleasure to behold (if I do say so myself). On the days when it seems every other square inch of my home is in disarray, I can always pull back the curtain to my laundry area and find peace in the order I’ve made.

My coupon binder, on the other hand, has a good number of strangers looking at it every week. I can’t recall the last time I went shopping and didn’t have at least one person approach me to comment on my couponing. Granted, my binder sits open, in front of me, across the seat of the cart, so others can’t help but see it. I also believe the TLC program Extreme Couponing made average coupon users, like me, more of a spectacle than we used to be. So, for the same reason I change out of my jammy pants before going to Kroger, I want my coupons and reusable shopping bags and whatever else I pile in my shopping cart to leave a positive impression on all my onlookers.

For my kindred spirits, who just want to put a little lipstick on an otherwise utilitarian task, I’m sharing what I’ve made thus far. Pictures of what you can print are posted below, plus a link to download the PDF. I’ll post additions each week, until the project is complete. In the meantime, please chime in with ways you add a little color to your daily chores.


divider.breakfastdivider.producedivider.canneddivider.crackersdivider.sidesdivider.breadClick here, coupon binder dividers, to download the PDF for these printables.







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