If the Boot Fits

vintage photo 12Oh, January, why must your days of deeply fulfilling bouts of organization and long-awaited fresh starts be marred by the arrival of December bills?

I should have known better than to comment on how well we’re doing on our piecemeal income. The muse of all makers (necessity) gets nervous if things become too comfortable. Sure enough, a quick balancing of our checkbook brought things into perspective and it’s back to the ashes, Cinderella!

However, like the transformative power found in Cinderella’s slippers, I see that my metaphorical work boots are what allow me to transcend some of my drudgery.

The footwear that comes with non-salaried work forces my husband and me to dig deeper than we used to, push farther than is comfortable, and find joy in new ways. Instead of feeling sabotaged, I see my muse as throwing down the gauntlet and I like the feeling of rising to meet her challenge. How many meals can I make out of what’s in our pantry? What kind of freelance work can I drum up? What new ways can we promote and sell some of the beautiful art my husband has created?

Granted, some days the boots feel a bit big (how did I get so much responsibility anyway?), but considering what I’m forced to wade through on other days, I’m grateful I have them. And, hey, if they’re a little loose now that just means I have room to grow.


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