Hello, Stranger

I knew I’d have to cut back on my blog posts during April, but has it really been a month since I last wrote? Sure, I wore a few more hats than usual – a short-term job, weekly travel, some voiceover work and lots of writing – but I figured I could just shove these hats on top of the ones I usually wear – mom, blogger, substitute teacher, part-time employee. Alas, it seems my blogger beret fell off at some point (probably somewhere on I-64, during my weekly trips to preach at my parents’ church) and suddenly it’s May!

My house is a pit – a hairy, sticky, crunchy pit. My inbox is uncomfortably full and my Facebook page is uncharacteristically outdated. My pantry is a hodge podge of boxes and cans that only a college student would combine for a meal. And I couldn’t be more proud.

We did it. My routinized little clan rose to the occasion and didn’t just make it through this hectic month; we made something of it.

Our boys (12 and 9) proved they could take care of themselves, when left home alone, and managed to feed themselves, finish their homework, and not bleed. When we traveled, my husband had to stay behind and work, and so, I relied on our boys to pack and unpack the car (my stuff and theirs), and they did it without complaint. Meanwhile, my husband worked 10+ hour days, on his feet, for 15 days in a row, and still found the energy to get the boys on the school bus each morning and listen to countless stories about what they created on Minecraft before bed each night. None of us cracked in half and most days were, dare I say it, kind of fun!

I’m not saying I didn’t drop a ball or two along the way. I owe quite a few thank you notes and am currently filling up my calendar with dinners and drinks with friends I haven’t seen in forever. And, yes, one of the “meals” our oldest made for himself was a bag of Tostitos and a glass of milk. But we did it. We lived to tell the tale (which will make for some awesome blog posts over the next month!).

So, let’s pick up where we left off. What’s new with you?

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