Got Socks?

I’m pretty boring when it comes to my choice of socks. My intent has always been to find socks that are nondescript, comfortable, and will match as many outfits as possible (i.e., brown, blue, black, ecru). But that was prior to discovering this project on Pinterest. Perhaps if I had more interesting socks, I’d have thought of this on my own!

Fortunately, Santa put a few non-dull pairs of socks in my stocking this year, so I made these.

Top left: an empty plastic Folgers coffee can and an empty plastic lemonade cannister, wrapped in a knee-high sock I cut in half (hint: use a glue gun or similar adhesive to attach the raw edge to the bottom of the container). I filled these with soil and set them aside for my next set of plant cuttings (which are rooting in my kitchen window now).

Top right: empty spaghetti sauce jars, each wearing its own ankle high sock. The socks cover up a multitude of sins, including that last bit of the label I couldn’t get off and the brand name on the side of the jar. Imagine filling these with red pencils or lollipops, for a mid-winter/Valentine’s Day teacher gift. They’d also make adorable additions to my winter-themed mantel. I imagine I could make similar creations with the sleeves from old sweaters.

I know it’s psychosomatic, but something about seeing things wrapped in socks makes the house feel warmer. I wonder what else I can cover? 


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