Extra! Extra!

I don’t subscribe to many magazines and those I do receive are either free or gift subscriptions. I know it’s more earth-friendly to read things online or borrow things I want to read; plus, reading materials tend to pile up on my desk, making me feel guilty or just cluttered (both of which I feel all too often already). But every once in a while, I’ll stroll through a Barnes & Noble, and find myself drawn to the magazine section (you know, just for a quick peek).

I do well without magazines most of the year, but usually start craving them come fall. Before Pinterest (and, really, before I used the Internet for much more than emailing) I would stalk the magazine racks for the pre-Halloween, pre-Thanksgiving and pre-Christmas issues. I could spend hours looking at the beautifully set tables, with clever place cards and centerpieces made from things found in your backyard (and I don’t even host holiday meals at my home).

Now, with the ability to peruse all kinds of craft projects online, year-round, I’ve left my stalker days behind me … well, until I hear about a new issue of Storage, which is a gateway magazine to DIY (both special publications of Better Homes & Gardens).

Flipping through them – even for the umpteenth time – I’m reminded why I’ll always prefer the real thing to the virtual pics I pin and post. First, my old eyes can actually see these pictures (or at least hold the magazine far enough or near enough to see them better). The perky, pithy text makes every project seem totally doable. Where Martha Stewart overwhelms me, BH&G magazines motivate and inspire me. And there’s something about tearing out a page as the first step in committing to try a new project. I tack it up where I can stare at it for days or weeks, letting the idea ferment, getting better with age (or at least keeping it top of mind, which is more challenging with every year I ferment).

And, if none of those justifications work for you, let me point out: magazines are calorie-free.

Fine. Hello, my name is Leah and I love magazines!


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