Denim Trifecta

20140302_182934As promised, I’m sharing what I made with the denim that remained after my first two projects (tote bags and coasters).

I took a crack at making a purse.

It’s not bad for a first try, but I know I’m not patient enough to do what it would take to make it better (measuring and pinning and planning before I begin cutting and sewing). Also, I cheated and had my husband do the hard parts – using rivets to attach the shoulder strap (one of my oldest son’s old belts), a center snap, and an embellishment.

Since I started sharing pics of my denim creations, I’ve had several friends send me ideas for other projects. But I think I’ve beaten this horse enough for now and will give you (and my sewing machine) a break from all the blue jeans.

Spoiler alert: my next obsession will be seedlings!

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