20151204_165103During our Thanksgiving travels to/from southern Illinois, I picked up a bunch of cat litter containers a friend has been saving for me. When she first asked if I could use them, I gave my pat answer, “Sure!” knowing it wouldn’t be hard to find a use for a bucket now and then.

Well I’ll be damned if I haven’t fallen in love with them – and I haven’t even decorated them yet! I’ll have to wait for warmer weather, because spray paint seems the best solution, although, some snowy weekend I may get restless and try something else. Of course, I’m likely to have them all in use by then and not want to bother emptying them.

They’re perfect for storing the components for an entire project – whether I’m gathering them in preparation for teaching or putting them away after a class or workshop. I now keep an empty one inside the barn door, so it’s ready when I need to “shop” from my stash, and another empty one by the back door of our home, to hold the obtainium I collect throughout the week, then take to the barn once the bucket is full.

I think I’ll put one in my car for unexpected finds (side of the road, recycling center). I can use them as collection containers in common spaces where people can donate specific items for school projects. I could use them to deliver free materials requested by teachers – especially cool once I have them decorated, so they’re easily recognized and, like a delivery from a florist, everyone who see it will hope it’s for them.

Sturdy plastic, stackable, with a handle and a snap-shut lid – I love these!

P.S. This post does not endorse Tidy Cats brand cat litter in any way . . . unless of course they want to be my sponsor and send a few empty buckets and some Tidy Cats swag my way. I can’t think of a teacher who wouldn’t appreciate having one (or ten)!


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